FCT opens competition


Individual Scientific Employment Grant (CEEC) 2018

Ana Luísa Amaral wins Award Jacinto do Prado Coelho

Arder a palavra e outros incêndios awarded

Book Launch “Multiple Crafts: poets in the other arts”

Joana Matos Frias
Pedro Eiras
Rosa Maria Martelo

A Letter to Fernando Pessoa

Hanmin Kim

Ana Luísa Amaral wins the “Internazionale Fondazione Roma” Prize

Entrega do Prémio: 9th february 2018

eLyra number 10: Poetry and Performance

You can find the 10th issue of eLyra, under “Poetry and Performance”. This issue was organized by Leonardo Gandolfi and Luciana di Leone.

Out Now: Cadernos de Literatura Comparada #37


Org. Maria Clara Paulino, Maria Hermínia Laurel e Teresa Martins de Oliveira

3 Research Scholarships for Work on the ILC’s Strategic Program

2 Scholarships in Languages and Literatures
1 Scholarship in Communication Sciences


New booklet “Materiais para o fim do mundo (9)”

eLyra number 9: Poetry and Translation

eLyra number 9 is now available. It was organized by Joana Matos Frias, Pablo Simpson and Sofia de Sousa Silva. Title: Poetry and Translation