Open Seminar: “The Policial on Sweden Literature”

Gonçalo Vilas-Boas
13h30, Room 208

Sweden Literature Exhibition

Sweden Literature
03-30 April

Film & Literature Cycle | Teatro Campo Alegre

4 April – 30 May
Commented Films

Call for Papers: II Encontro de Jovens Investigadores em Literatura Comparada

20 May 2018

International Conference_Queering Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies

1st-2nd june 2018
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Porto

End of the World Seminars | 6th Season

22nd March
18 pm
Room 2

Open Seminar: “Écrire la Shoah à la troisième ou quatrième génération”

Nathalie Skowronek
7 March 2018
Room: 201

Teaser: “Encontro de Estudos Pessoanos”

Presentation video about Fernando Pessoa

Event Schedule: Encontro de Estudos Pessoanos

  In the next 22 and 23 February 2018, will be held at the Faculty of Humanities of Porto a journey about Fernando Pessoa, the 20th century Portuguese writer, where some of the greatest authors and specialists in… Read More

Conference_Estudos Pessoanos: Mediações & Remediações

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Porto

22th-23th february 2018