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Plenary Conference by Miguel Vale de Almeida

Miguel Vale de Almeida is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Department of Anthropology of the University Institute of Lisbon. In the International Colloquium Queering Luso – Afro – Brazilian Studies he talked about the “intersection… Read More

She Thought It | Video Introduction

She Thought It: Crossing Bodies in Sciences and Arts is a new database comprised of texts about women. It has two main purposes: to cover, recover and discover women and their contributions to both the sciences and the… Read More

Promotional Teaser: International Conference “Queering Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies”

Promotional Teaser for the International Conference
Queering Luso – Afro – Brazilian Studies

Interview with Prof. Dr. Caio Gagliardi | Video

Prof. Dr. Caio Gagliardi
University of São Paulo

Interview with Dr.ª Clara Riso | Video

Dr.ª Clara Riso
Casa Fernando Pessoa

Interview with Ana Deus & Luca Argel | Video

Ana Deus & Luca Argel
Songs with Pessoa

Interview with Prof. Dr. António M. Feijó | Video

Prof. Dr. António M. Feijó
University of Lisbon

Interview with Prof.ª Dr.ª Rosa Maria Martelo

Prof.ª Dr.ª Rosa Maria Martelo
University of Porto

Interview with Prof. Dr. Manuel Portela | Video

Prof. Dr. Manuel Portela
University of Coimbra