Launch of the e-Lyra magazine


e-Lyra Magazine nº 12

Release of Cadernos “Intersexualities in question”


Cadernos da Literatura Comparada n. 39 (2018)

The new number of ESC:ALA is available

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eLyra number 10: Poetry and Performance

You can find the 10th issue of eLyra, under “Poetry and Performance”. This issue was organized by Leonardo Gandolfi and Luciana di Leone.


New booklet “Materiais para o fim do mundo (9)”

eLyra number 9: Poetry and Translation

eLyra number 9 is now available. It was organized by Joana Matos Frias, Pablo Simpson and Sofia de Sousa Silva. Title: Poetry and Translation

Cadernos de Literatura Comparada #36

“Utopia and Food”

Org. José Eduardo Reis and Fátima Vieira


Booklets numbers 10 and 11 are now available.

Other Publications by ILC Researchers

2017 Publications


The new number of ESC#ALA is now available.

This electronic journal of interartistic studies and practices was edited by Pedro da Costa, Mathilde Ferreira Neves and Rita Novas Miranda, collaborators to the research group Intermedialities of the ILCML.