Ulyssei@s | Video

Introduction Video | Ulyssei@s

International Conference Queering Luso – Afro – Brazilian Studies

1 – 2 Jun, 2018

She Thought It | Video Introduction

She Thought It: Crossing Bodies in Sciences and Arts is a new database comprised of texts about women. It has two main purposes: to cover, recover and discover women and their contributions to both the sciences and the… Read More

Annemarie Schwarzenbach – Life and Work | Video

Annemarie Schwarzenbach was a writer, traveler, historian, journalist and photographer.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Caio Gagliardi | Video

Prof. Dr. Caio Gagliardi
University of São Paulo

Interview with Dr.ª Clara Riso | Video

Dr.ª Clara Riso
Casa Fernando Pessoa

Interview with Ana Deus & Luca Argel | Video

Ana Deus & Luca Argel
Songs with Pessoa

Interview with Prof. Dr. António M. Feijó | Video

Prof. Dr. António M. Feijó
University of Lisbon

Interview with Prof.ª Dr.ª Rosa Maria Martelo

Prof.ª Dr.ª Rosa Maria Martelo
University of Porto

Interview with Prof. Dr. Manuel Portela | Video

Prof. Dr. Manuel Portela
University of Coimbra