Strategic Plan

The strategic plan that the Institute for Comparative Literature will develop during 2015-2020 is titled Literature and Frontiers of Knowledge: Politics of Inclusion. This cross-thematic line will critically review and further reflect on the nature of the limits and boundaries that have been drawn between different fields of knowledge, as well as on the need to revise and rethink them with contemporary tools, tackling new societal challenges and answering the urgent need for a dynamic and interactive perspective of the University in the 21st century. In this sense, this strategic project articulates the academic requirement of modern and contemporary critical thinking with the ethical urgency that the creation and maintenance of a balanced and fair society necessarily raises.

Using a methodology founded on the guiding principles of the scientific field of Comparative Literature, the project aims a interdisciplinary extension comprising the areas of Social and Human Sciences, but also Exact Sciences such as Physics and Biology, or Applied Sciences like Medicine. Thus the R&D Unit will be able to critically address and problematise a set of issues that require interdisciplinary and inter semiotic approaches.

Based on the key-concepts of FRONTIER and INCLUSION (approached not only in the territorial, geopolitical, social and cultural sense, but also in a metalinguistic and inter discursive sense), the project will be carried out by the three research groups (Inter/TransculturaliTIES, IntermedialiTIES e IntersexualiTIES), that form the R&D Unit. This coordinated and complementary work will make differentiated empirical studies converge into the common thematic line. All the research work carried out within the Unit is based on the concept of Comparative Literature as a meta-discipline, valuing an interdisciplinary method and inter artistic and intercultural approaches, as well as a reflective and critical questioning of the complexity of the link between Ethics and Aesthetics.


Scientific Coordination: Ana Paula Coutinho.