Conference Cycle: “The Utopia of Hospitality – Unity in Diversity”


February, 25 9.30 p.m.
Serralves Auditorium

Exhibition about Eça de Queiroz at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


Curated by Isabel Pires de Lima

Activities Organised by the ILC in 2018


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Óscar Lopes Journey

October, 2
Meeting Room

Carmina 3 – Poetry and identities

September, 28 and 29
V. N. Famalicão

Présentation du livre: “Exiliance au féminin dans le monde lusophone”

Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian
3 Mai

Activities Organised by the ILC in 2017

This entry congregates all the info related to the National and International Conferences and Open Seminars organised or co-organised by ILC in 2017.

[Invitation] Conference “Óscar Lopes, a Radical Professor”, by Luís Grosso Correia

16th november 2017
6h00 p.m.
Arquivo Distrital do Porto

Porto Book Fair_ Remembering Óscar Lopes on his One Hundredth Anniversary

16th September 2017
Porto Book Fair – Almeida Garrett Public Library

Open Seminar “Que procura José Matias? Que procura o último Eça?”

11 de janeiro 2017, com a Prof.ª Doutora Isabel Pires de Lima (Univ. do Porto/ ILC).