End of the World Seminars | 4th Season

June 22 at 6 p.m.

International Colloquium “Exiliência de mulheres no mundo lusófono (séc. XX-XXI)”

November 7th and 8th – Université Paris-Sorbonne
November 9th and 10th – Universidade do Porto

Booklet “Materials for the end of the world” #5

Papers by Susana Correia, Isabel Aguiar and Daniel Floquet.

Colloquium Carmina 2 – Poetry and the Other Arts

June 16th and 18th at the Fundação Cupertino de Miranda.

End of the World Seminars | 4th Season

June 23th at 6 p.m.

Pre-release: Illumination – An Essay on Poetry, Vision and Blindness

Pre-release of an excerpt from the book by Pedro Eiras and Susana Paiva about poetry, vision and blindness (Hugglybooks, 2016).

Internacional Conference “Writing and Thinking or Art’s Invincible Appeal. On Vergílio Ferreira’s Centenary”

Amended Program

May, 18th-19th – Fundação Eng.º António de Almeida
May, 20th-21th – Teatro Cine Gouveia

End of the World Seminars (4th Season)

March 17th, 6pm in classroom 203. With Belmiro Fernandes Pereira, Daniel Floquet and Susana Correia. Moderator: Pedro Eiras.

Call for papers: Internacional Conference Vergílio Ferreira – Escrever e Pensar ou O Apelo Invencível da Arte


New submission deadline for paper proposals: January, 25th 2016.

End of the World Seminars (3rd Series)

On December, 17th, at 6pm, room 201 of FLUP, with the participation of Zulmira Santos, Pedro Sobrado and Tiago Sousa Garcia and moderation by Pedro Eiras.