Adverse Strategies for Graphic Narrative



The reason why I am writing to you, a dead man since 1935, is because among all the 7 billion alive, I cannot conceive a single soul except you who could possibly comprehend this particular matter I simply cannot dispel: Adverse Strategies.

Taking advantage of your position, which is confined to listening, I will proceed without providing further reasons why I pinpointed you as the ‘forced interlocutor’. However, I do believe you will eventually understand why once you finish reading this.

Recently, I read a book labeling your writings as ‘adverse genres’. The author argues that you founded your heteronym project based on adverse genres, part of a paradoxical juxtaposition whereby poetic genres selected from different historical periods in the Western tradition are filled with an incongruent and inauthentic content, subverting the familiarity of generic expression2. Do you agree? Or, before that, do you agree with the word “heteronym project”? If yes, assuming that an intelligent project may involve tactics or strategies3, do you think writers, in general, possess strategies at all?