Ciclo Plano D – 2ª Edição


Last semester we had a series of conversations with early-career researchers about how to best navigate the post-PhD academic environment in Portugal. This new edition will see us tweak the formula in order to reach a wider international audience of freshly graduated or soon-to-graduate PhDs. Instead of focusing on specific grants, available only to Portuguese researchers, we will discuss general writing and research practices with a group of young researchers that have managed to stand out in their respective fields of study. We will address such questions as: how to come up with a good idea for a long-term research project; how to publish in top-tier venues; how to turn one’s dissertation into a book; the importance of community and of collaborative work; staying healthy during and after the Ph.D. As before, these will be long-form informal conversations that aim to provide real-life practical advice from peers that have only very recently gone through that very frightening stage of the morning after graduation.