Lectures de la fatigue

March 23, 2022

The conference Readings of Fatigue — Between pathology, social criticism and artistic creations will take place at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto between June 30 and July 1, 2022.

This scientific event, organized by APEF and ILCML, seeks to address the readings of fatigue, in a trans- and multidisciplinary perspective, as a way of being in the world, albeit fleeting, and as a message, by bringing perspectives from medicine, philosophy, of literature and art.

The themes of this conference are:

  1. Individual dimension of fatigue: from childhood to old age, from health to acute or chronic illness;
  2. Specialized and artistic speeches and representations about professional fatigue;
  3. Sociopolitical dimensions of fatigue: Fatigue and Social Dialogue, Fatigue and Social Criticism, Fatigue and Political Opinions, Fatigue and the Media, Fatigue and Revolt;
  4. Socio-historical dimensions of fatigue: fatigue and Weltanschauung, fatigue and post-modernity, social fatigue and end-of-the-century atmospheres, etc.;
  5. Artists fatigue: creativity, creation and (un)success.


The deadline for sending proposals is open until April 30th. The full call for papers can be found here [in French].




Image credits (top and poster)
© “Jove decadente. Després del ball” (1899) by Ramon Casas. Museo de Montserrat. Reproduced with permission

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