The INTERSEXUALITIES group has been developing a critical reflection on politics and power relations from the perspectives provided by contemporary theories of GENDER, SEX AND SEXUALITIES, favouring an intersectional approach of gender crossed with race, class and nation.

Using critical tools from Feminist Studies, Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Queer Theory, Posthuman Studies, Utopian Studies, Food Studies, Age Studies, to Theatre Studies, in conversation with other areas of knowledge, like Theoretical Physics, we will keep on promoting a discussion around POLITICS OF INCLUSION and the idea of COMMUNITIES (social, national, literary and scientific).


  • To develop the intersections between literature and other areas of knowledge as ways to study not only the politics of the body and the text, but also its metamorphoses;
  • To think about the connections between politics and the power relations that inform research carried out both in literature and in science, from the perspective of critical theories that problematise sex, gender and sexualities;
  • Addressing the biological body, the legal body and the social body, and the relationship between text, communities and time(s);
  • Considering the construction and deconstruction of identities departing from the most recent theories on sexualities;
  • Studying utopian and posthuman imaginaries, as well as sustainable depictions of the future;
  • Broadening the scope of the database She Thought it: Crossing Bodies in Sciences and Arts.

Research questions

  • What is identity? What is sexual identity?
  • Which bodies matter and which bodies are left out of the frame of materiality, not even worthy of being matter (be it physical, scientific or even literary)?
  • Who has a voice and who doesn’t?
  • What kinds of frontiers are set between genres and genders, between science and literature, between local and global, and who or what sets them?
  • How can we foster a conversation between different disciplines (namely, Literature and the Sciences)?

Coordination: Marinela Freitas

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