ILCML currently publishes three scholarly periodicals with a biannual frequency. Two of them are peer-reviewed journals in which articles related to the wide range of comparative literature are published in thematic issues. The most recent magazine created at the Institute, extending a previous project, is dedicated to experimentation, publishing essays and other creative works of interartistic vocation.

Privileging comparative theoretical tools and valuing interart perspectives, Cadernos aims to increase the knowledge of modern and contemporary poetry, promoting its critical reading in the context of transnational issues.

Designed as a space for the confrontation of ideas, eLyra disseminates the work developed within the LyraCompoetics Network and welcomes contributions from researchers interested in thinking about poetry, art and culture today.

SKHEMA is a magazine that embraces essays and creations with an interartistic approach. Submissions are accepted in a wide variety of formats. It intends to explore and problematise concepts inherent to intermediality and artistic experimentation.

ESC:ALA was a space for experimentation, constituting a forum and a laboratory for bringing together the most varied forms of artistic expression.

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