E-Lyra Call for Papers: “Poetry’s Relation to Today’s Regimes and Norms”



This CFP for a special issue of E-Lyra, is part of the research project “Contemporary Poetry and Politics: Research on Contemporary Relations between Cultural Production and Sociopolitical Context” (POEPOLIT, FFI2016-77584-P). The aim is to study the political traces or qualities of current poetic expressions. We seek to question through textual analysis but also through the analysis of intermedia phenomena, if aesthetically complex poetry is less likely to have a political impact than a more popular poetry; if poetry and poets should be more clearly recognized as political agents of a specific vision or epistemology; what is the poetic influence on society, and if there is any, does society acknowledge said influence; what would be the consequences or implied risks for poetries that assume themselves as apolitical or split off from society; how does the current horizons of the political expand through new poetics and analytical languages; among other aspects.

We accept the submission of analysis of current poetics phenomena coming from different cultural regions: Hispanic American, Lusophone, Iberian region, Francophone, Germanphone, Anglophone. We are interested in practices of poetic mediation and its political incidence, the verbal practices of political intervention, particularly in contemporary protests repertoires of social movements, the relationship between poetries and politics, departing from the notion of authorial figure; or the relationship between poetry and politics in neoliberal cities.

In the context of contemporary poetry research is usual to find different postures regarding the relationship between poetries and aesthetics, political or ideological identities. We believe it is essential to visualize the forms of social contact of poetries or poetic expressions, moving beyond any textual approach, whether than be considering poetry as an example of contemporary cultural production, or a point du resistance from ideas and practices that intend to homogenize daily life experiences.

It is evident that poetry and politics have not had a steady relationship, which is why our interest resides in works that update what goes on in spaces of constant action, paying attention to all its complexity. In this CFP, we will accept original articles that contribute to explore the relationships mentioned before. The special issue in E-Lyra will be edited by Alethia Alfonso (Universidad Iberoamericana, México), Burghard Baltrusch (Universidade de Vigo), Alba Cid and Cristina Tamames (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela).

The proposal for articles comprehends, w/o excluding other possible topics:

  • Contemporary poetry and its relationship with political, ideological and aesthetic regimes.
  • Contemporary poetry and personal, social, national, cultural, religious, sexual or political identities.
  • Contemporary poetry and human rights, gender perspectives.
  • Contemporary poetry and its relationship with the homogenization of daily life.
  • Contemporary poetry and synergies between communities, working life, and relations of inclusion/exclusion.
  • Contemporary poetry and spatiality: periphery and centre, subalternity and hegemony, global modernities and transatlantic modernities, mobility, migrations and migrated subjects, refugees, exiles.
  • Contemporary poetry and recent history: literatures without states, decolonized discourses.
  • Contemporary poetry and ethical commitment: the authorial figure, l’engagement.


The articles can be written in English, Galician, Portuguese or Spanish and should have an extension and format according to E-Lyra guidelines: http://www.elyra.org/index.php/elyra/about/submissions#authorGuidelines.

Proposal must be sent to revistaelyra@gmail.com


  • Deadline for sending proposal: 15 April 2018 

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