Open Seminar by Ricardo Vasconcelos

December, 13

Seminars of the End of the World | Serie VI | 4.

December, 13

Open Seminar: “Deciphering and translating around the work of Vitor Ramil.”

November, 6 2018

Knowing of Me Knowing of Things

Tribute to the 80 years of Maria Velho da Costa
November, 12 & 13 2018

Internacional Colloquium: The language in the middle of the path


November 15 and 16

Óscar Lopes Journey

October, 2
Meeting Room

Seminars of the End of the World | Serie VI

27th September 2018

Carmina 3 – Poetry and identities

September, 28 and 29
V. N. Famalicão

EJICOMP – II Meeting of Young Researchers in Comparative Literature

September, 13 and 14
Sala de Reuniões I

Colloquium Poepolit “The poetic and the political in today’s society”

September, 20 and 21
Anfiteatro Nobre