Nr. 1 of Cygnus Colection


Translation and opening note by Ana Paula Coutinho.

Coleção Cygnus


Nova coleção de ensaios traduzidos do Instituto de Literatura Comparada Margarida Losa.

Pulsar 11 is now available


Presented and translated by Maria de Lurdes Sampaio.

Number 17 of the Estudos de Literatura Comparada series


Da MTV para o YouTube: a convergência dos vídeos musicais by João Pedro da Costa.

“Estudos de Literatura Comparada” 16


By Rui Miguel Mesquita.

Booklet “Materials for the end of the world” #5


Papers by Susana Correia, Isabel Aguiar and Daniel Floquet.

Pre-release: Illumination – An Essay on Poetry, Vision and Blindness


Pre-release of an excerpt from the book by Pedro Eiras and Susana Paiva about poetry, vision and blindness (Hugglybooks, 2016).

Booklet: “Materials for the End of the World” 4


New issue is now available Materiais para o Fim do Mundo, collection Libretos, edited by Instituto de Literatura Comparada Margarida Losa. Essays by Matilde Vieira, Tiago Sousa Garcia and Vitor Ferreira. Organized by Pedro Eiras.

eLyra #6: Poetry and Acceleration


The sixth issue of the journal of the LyraCompoetics International Research Group is already online. Edited by Ida Alves and Luis Maffei.

Emily Dickinson e Luiza Neto Jorge: Quantas Faces?


The 12th volume of the Estudos de Literatura Comparada series has just been published. Written by Marinela Freitas.