New Portuguese Letters to the World – International Reception


The most recent volume of the research project New Portuguese Letters 40 Years Later has been released. Edited by Ana Luísa Amaral, Ana Paula Ferreira and Marinela Freitas.



The new issue of ESC:ALA is online.

ESC:ALA os the electronic journal of interartistic studies and works, edited by João Pedro da Costa, Mathilde Ferreira Neves and Rita Novas Miranda, collaborators of the IntermedialiTIES research group of ILC.

Materiais para o Fim do Mundo (3)


The latest volume of Materiais para o Fim do Mundo of ILC’s Libretos series is already available for download.

Features texts by Isabel Cristina Rodrigues, Paulo Alexandre Pereira and Raquel S..

Edited by Pedro Eiras.

A Arte Há de Sobreviver às suas Ruínas


The 10th booklet of the Pulsar series has just been published. The opening lecture of Anselm Kiefer at the Collège de France was translated by José Domingues de Almeida.

O Discurso sobre a Tradução na Literatura Portuguesa


The 14th volume of the Estudos de Literatura Comparada series has just been published. Selection, introduction and notes by Jorge Bastos da Silva.

Epístola aos Jovens Atores para que Seja Dada a Palavra à Palavra


The 9th volume of the Pulsar series has just been released. The Olivier Py conference was translated by Maria Luísa Malato who also wrote the introduction.

Ulyssei@s new entries


Entries dedicated to Amin Maalouf, J. Rentes de Carvalho and Maria Velho da Costa are the latest additions in our digital encyclopaedia of writers and other creators in motion.

eLyra n.º 5: Poetry and the End Of The World


The latest issue of the eLyra journal is already on-line. Includes essays, poems and photographs.

Edited by Pedro Eiras and Paulo de Medeiros.

Cinefilia e Cinefobia no Modernismo Português (vias e desvios)


The 13th volume of the Estudos de Literatura Comparada series has just been released. Joana Matos Frias’ essays gravitate around the relationship nurtured by some of the most important authors of the Portuguese Modernism with the cinematographic universe.