Interview with Dr. Pedro Sepúlveda | Video

Poster Pedro Sepúlveda Eng

Dr. Pedro Sepúlveda
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Interview with Prof. Dr. Fernando Cabral Martins | Video

Poster Fernando Cabral Martins Eng

Prof. Dr. Fernando Cabral Martins
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Teaser: “Pessoa Studies Conference”


Teaser: “Meeting of Fernando Pessoa Scholars”

“Pessoa Studies Conference”



Gilles Lipovetsky and the lightness quest


Video of an excerpt of a talk with Gilles Lipovetsky at the new cruise terminal of Leixões on November, 7th 2015.

Duras April in Porto


Documentary by Joana Rodrigues about the events organised by ILC in 2014 in order to celebrate in several places of Porto the 100th anniversary of Marguerite Duras birth.