Conference Cycle: “The Utopia of Hospitality – Unity in Diversity”


On February 25, at 9:30 p.m., the Serralves Auditorium will be hosting the seventh debate of the conference cycle “Utopias in Europe: the power of the imagination and the imperatives of the future” dedicated to the theme UTOPIA OF HOSPITALITY – UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

This will be a debate between those who consider that hospitality is an ethical imperative and that it stems from the institutionalization of multiculturalism as a guarantee of unity in diversity and those who consider that democracies are communities of citizens united by the principles of freedom and equality, independently cultural particularisms.

Lídia Jorge and Milton Hatoum will be the speakers for this session, which will be moderated by Isabel Pires de Lima and commentary by Ana Paula Coutinho.