Multidisciplinary cycle “E Contudo Elas Movem-se! Mulheres nas Artes e nas Ciências”


In 1889, the first woman was graduated from a Portuguese university. In 1911, was voting for the first time a woman in Portugal. In 1944, graduated the first woman with a PhD at the University of Porto.

One hundred and thirty years later, it will seem consensual the importance that women play in university and in society at large. And yet, in many cases, their journey has been slow and painful, and we know very little about many of them. Who are these women? What are them stories? What obstacles did they have to face?

From the famous phrase that Galileo will have uttered before the court of the Inquisition And pur, si muove!, the multidisciplinary cycle E Contudo Elas Movem-se. Mulheres nas Artes e na Ciência intends, therefore, to honor the contribution of several women in different professional areas, as well as to explain their history and the gesture of rebellion that was challenge and overcome the limits culturally associated with their gender.

This multidisciplinary event will take place from September 10 to October 29, 2019, in various venues in the city of Porto. The program, which includes debates, round tables, film cycles, exhibitions, conferences, radio shows and book launches, will show how, despite everything and against everything, women have often moved. And after all, with them, also the world.

The event is organized by the Rectory of the University of Porto, in partnership with the Institute for Comparative Literature Margarida Losa.

More informations and the program here.

Ana Luísa Amaral
Marinela Freitas
Maria Clara Paulino

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