Cycle of conversations “Plan D”


In the second session of the cycle “PLAN D: what to do after the Ph.D.?”, we will talk with Tiago Gama Rocha, Invited Assistant Professor at FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto) and ISMAI (University Institute of Maia).
Tiago Gama Rocha received his Ph.D. in Digital Media from the UT Austin|Portugal Program, and since then has founded several collaborative projects such as EMERGENCE Hackathon, Hideki, Openfield Creative Lab, and, more recently, [English name with style]. His professional practice, which combines the areas of science, technology, arts, and communication, has developed both in the private sector and in academia, ranging from teaching to consulting, including advertising.
This session, “D for Developing Communication Techniques”, will focus on the communication of scientific work, collaborative and interdisciplinary research, the use of creative strategies and digital technologies. What can we do so that others can better understand and know our work?

Orgs. João Paulo Guimarães e Marinela Freitas

The broadcast will be through ILC’s Youtube channel and access is free.

More information: Cycle of conversations Plan D