Ebook: “Migrant Tables”

Mesas Migrantes-capa

Societies evolve towards the questions they ask. The ALIMENTOPIA project was built upon a set of questions that call for both a critical approach to societies and the imagination of the way these may evolve, from the point of view of food. The Série ALIMENTOPIA, published by U.Porto Press as part of Coleção Transversal, aims to contribute to the creation of a history of literature and culture focused on how societies produce, distribute and prepare food, taking into account, for the cri- tical reflection on the present and the future, indicators of inclusion, development, and sustainability, at different levels.

The Project ALIMENTOPIA / Utopia, Food and Future: Utopian Thinking and the Construction of Inclusive Societies – A Contribution of the Humanities, funded by National Funds through the FCT – Founda- tion for Science and Technology, and by FEDER Funds through the Operational Programme: Competitiveness Factors – COMPETE 2020 (PTDC/CPC-ELT/5676/2014 | POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016680), brou- ght together 27 researchers from different fields of knowledge (Li- terature, Culture, Philosophy, Anthropology, Linguistics, Nutrition Sciences, and Psychiatry) who invested in a multidisciplinary study that proved the relevance of the intersection of the field of Utopian Studies with the field of Food Studies.

Migrant Tables: Utopian Foodways Projects, by Ana Paula Coutinho and Marta Correia, is the number 13 in the series.