EJICOMP – 2nd Meeting of Young Researchers for Comparative Literature


The Portuguese Association of Comparative Literature (APLC), with the support of the Institute for Comparative Literature Margarida Losa (ILC) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Porto, will host in 2018, in Porto, the II Encontro de Jovens Investigadores em Literatura Comparada (EJICOMP II) [2nd Meeting of Young Researchers in Comparative Literature].

The aim is thus to create, for the second consecutive year, a discussion forum to give visibility to Comparative Studies and to determine the current state of the subject area through the essays and theses presently developed by MA students, PhD candidates, Post-Doc researchers, recent graduates and independent researchers. During the EJICOMP II younger researchers (or more recent researchers, since there is no age criterion) will have the chance to:

  • present their works (essays, dissertations, theses, projects or publications) in progress or concluded in the last five years; discuss them with their peers;
  • receive feedback from more experienced teachers and researchers;
  • ascertain the state of the art and some trends or routes of current Comparative Criticism;
  • contribute to a greater dynamism of scientific research and academic production;
  • maintain regular contact between the members of the scientific community, which is essential to create and disseminate knowledge.

Thus, the EJICOMP II embodies three of APLC’s main goals: to encourage, renew and disseminate Comparative Studies in Portugal, bringing together different generations and experiences from national or foreign researchers.

Free Admission.

Plenary Speakers 

We would like to draw your attention to Gonçalo Vilas-Boas’s opening address – “O ILCML: uma viagem pela Literatura Comparada” and Helena Carvalhão Buesco’s closing session – “Europa sub specie comparatista: o cosmopolita e o vernacular”.


Organizing Committee
Daniel Floquet (ILC)
Helder Baião (ILC)
Inês Cardoso (ILC)
Isabel Carvalho (ILC)
Ivana Schneider (ILC)
Lurdes Gonçalves (ILC)
Sofia Mota Freitas (ILC)
Vítor Ferreira (ILC)

Scientific Committee
Ana Paula Coutinho (ILC)
Maria Luísa Malato (ILC / APLC)