eLyra#14 (December 2019): “ADÍLIA LOPES, the visible and the invisible”


Adília Lopes, a compulsive reader not always viewed as the well-versed writer she is, understands the experience of the subject as the relation between what is in sight and what is hidden. Adília Lopes is, thus, both the visible and the invisible in her poetry. Beneath an apparent simplicity, her writing hides great complexity, concealing what the poet powerfully wants to show.

Bearing this in mind, the new issue of eLyra (number 14) will be dedicated to what is visible and invisible in Adília Lopes’s work. We welcome contributions on different and contemporary forms of hybridism in Adilian writing, that may take the form of theoretically- and critically-oriented essays, literary analyses of specific works, or studies on the reception of the poet’s work in Portugal and abroad.  We are also interested in a bibliographic review of Adília Lopes’s work, which includes many out-of-print and rare editions. We also welcome essays addressing interartistic dialogues between Adília and other authors (for example, painters and illustrators), as well as translation proposals.

Eds.:  Burghard Baltrusch, Jerónimo Pizarro, Paulo Medeiros and Rosa Maria Martelo

Original works, by authors with and without PhD, are welcomed in the following languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.
All articles must conform to our formatting guidelines.
Please send your contribution to the following e-mail address: revistaelyra@gmail.com

Deadline for submission: 5 September 2019