FCT and DGES launch special ‘Summer with Science’ support


FCT, in collaboration with the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES) is launching the exceptional support “Summer with Science”, applications for which run until 5 pm (Lisbon time) on 26 June 2020.
This support aims to finance grants and training plans, seeking to encourage face-to-face activities by students, teachers, and researchers, as part of the development of innovative solutions associated with the Economic and Social Stabilisation Programme (PEES), in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering the enhancement of the scientific, technological, and academic capacity existing in Portugal and its relationship with society, this support is intended to contribute to economic and social stabilization through higher qualification.
“Summer with Science” intends to stimulate the development of “Summer Schools” in Polytechnics and Universities of the country with integrated R&D and higher education initiatives, exclusively in person, through:
– New FCT support, for R & D scholarships for on-site training and research activities in Polytechnics and Universities, for students and young people in close articulation with R & D units and the possibility of internships in public or private institutions;
– Extension by the DGES, in the form of aid, of school social action grants, active in 2019/20, for in-person training and research activities of polytechnic and university fellows, in close articulation with R&D units and with the possibility of internships in public or private institutions.
The proposals may consist of “Summer Schools” in all areas of knowledge, in articulation with public and private institutions, and should be of quick implementation, with a 3-month development time horizon.
More information about the special support “Summer with Science” is available on the FCT website or by email VeraoComCiencia@fct.pt.