Session 03 with João Pedro Cachopo


In the third session of the cycle “PLAN D: what to do after the PhD?”, we will talk with João Pedro Cachopo, CESEM Researcher at the New University of Lisbon.
In this session, we will talk about support and applications to national and international competitive programs, such as the Marie Curie Fellowships, as well as other determinant aspects for successful applications.

Orgs. João Paulo Guimarães and Marinela Freitas

The broadcast will be through ILC’s Facebook page and access is free.

More information: Cycle of conversations Plan D


Cycle of conversations: “Poetics talk Politics”


In line with the work that the Institute for Comparative Literature has done in recent years on the topic, this semester we will be launching a series of online conversations entitled “Poets talk politics,” in which experts in contemporary poetry (from the ILC and other universities) will talk to a poet about the ways in which her/his work dialogues with the contemporary ideological milieu, negotiates the relationship between aesthetics and citizenship, and uses literary methods to produce political thought.

In the first episode, João Paulo Guimarães will meet with Elina Siltanen (U of Turku, Finland), Malgorzata Myk (U of Lodz, Poland), and Isabel Carvalho (ILC) to talk with Marie Buck about her most recent book, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES (Roof Books, 2020). The book explores, comically, bizarrely, and with uncomfortable intimacy, how the supposedly serious world of politics intersects with the duller plane of pop songs, casual sex, and on-demand television. What is the relationship between love, socialism, and the end of the world, Buck seems to ask. And will the revolution be broadcast via Netflix?

The broadcast will be via ILC’s Facebook channel on April 1 at 7 pm and access is free.


Cycle of conversations “Plan D”

Plano D - Geral - Capa

When we are writing the thesis, the PhD seems endless. At that stage, getting to the end with a good paper is the only thing that matters. However, academic life continues after the doctorate, and it is common to feel disoriented during this transitional stage. Often without advisors’ help, without institutional support, and above all without funding, we suddenly fall into a sea of possibilities and contradictory messages. What should we invest in more urgently: publications or teaching experience? Where does it matter to publish, for hiring or funding purposes? Is it worth insisting on a given specialization, or should we turn to projects of another kind? Suddenly, there are a thousand and one things to take into account!

In this cycle of informal conversations with professors and researchers of outstanding merit in their fields of study, we intend to discuss all these problems and help fellow doctoral students and post-docs decide what to do the “next day”. There are no right answers, nor a single way out of the labyrinth, so our idea is not to provide an instruction manual. This cycle has, above all, the goal of raising awareness and informing so that everyone can draw the plan that best applies to their circumstances and interests – your Plan D.

Orgs. João Paulo Guimarães e Marinela Freitas

The broadcast will be through ILC’s Youtube channel and access is free.


Call for papers: 2nd edition of the Muses in Action Seminar


The Center for Research and Innovation in Education of the ESE – Polytechnic of Porto, in partnership with Casa Comum/Reitoria of the University of Porto and the ILCML of FLUP, announce the 2nd edition of the Seminar Muses in Action – Thicknesses of [In]Visibility, to be held in Webinar format, on 20 and 21 May 2021. This 2nd edition of the Seminar continues the presentations started in October 2019, articulating with the InED-FCT research project: The [In]Visibility of Women in History: thought, ideas, and works.

All the information regarding the Call for Papers can be consulted here.