Agustina Series: Novas leituras, outras Metamorfoses


The polyhedral project entitled Agustina: novas leituras, outras metamorfoses, coordinated by Prof. Doctor Ana Paula Coutinho, originated a concert and an exhibition, developed in partnership with Prof. Doctor Dimitrios Andrikopoulos from ESMAE and Prof. Doctor Graciela Machado, from FBAUP, respectively.
In the first video, we spoke with the students of ESMAE’s composition course, who approached the creative process that led to the composition of their works.
In the second, we heard two students who participated in the exhibition entitled “More than words spoken” with works of Engraving-Calcography.
Both initiatives were part of the scientific journey that counted with the participation, among others, of painter Graça Morais and film specialist António Preto.


Journey: Em Torno de Viagens e outras Deslocações 


Throughout its 20-year history and among several other lines of research, the Institute for Comparative Literature has been developing research around travel literature, a fertile field for thinking relational dynamics. It is in this context that the exhibition and scientific journey Em Torno de Viagens e outras Deslocações has arisen, with the presence of Almeida Faria and Eduardo Salavisa.

Almeida Faria is a Portuguese writer, winner of the SPE Revelation Prize, Aquilino Ribeiro Prize, D. Dinis Prize, APE Original Fiction Prize, among others. In his book “O murmúrio do mundo” he portrays his trip to India.

Eduardo Salavisa was born in Lisbon, where he lives and works. He is interested in drawing in notebooks made both on the road and in everyday life. He likes long trips, without a marked itinerary, preferably in the South and drawing obsessively.

Scientific Journey: Europe Literary Liminalities | Aftermovie


The Scientific Journey: Europe Literary Liminalities has brought together various thinkers and writers to talk about the political and linguistic diversity of the European continent – which challenges the uniqueness of a global language – by placing the possibility, in the case of literary creation, of a multi-focal and multilingual approach to European issues.


FCT opens Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus 2020


The Individual Call is aimed at PhD holders of any nationality or stateless with a background in any scientific area who wish to develop their scientific research or technological development activity in Portugal.

Applicants should indicate the host institution where they will develop their research plan. The selected doctorates are directly hired by the identified host institution, through FCT funding.

The following reference levels are considered:

  1. Junior Researcher: PhD holders for 5 or less years, with limited experience in post-doctoral research or without a scientific curriculum after their PhDs in the scientific area to which they are applying.
  2. Assistant Researcher: PhD holders for over 5 years, with a relevant curriculum in the scientific area to which they are applying, but with limited scientific independence.
  3. Principal Researcher: PhD holders for over 5 years, with a relevant curriculum in the scientific area to which they are applying, demonstrating scientific independence over the past 3 years.
  4. Coordinating Researcher: PhD holders for over 5 years, holding the title of habilitado ou agregado in Portugal, with a curriculum of elevated merit in the scientific area to which they are applying, showing scientific independence and with evidence of leadership in the scientific area to which they are applying.

The call is open from 30 January 2020 until 5 p.m. (Lisbon time) on 26 February 2020.

Applications are submitted electronically, in English, through the electronic platform to be made available in due course.

For further information about the Individual Support Call, please contact us at

The Institute for Comparative Literature receives expressions of interest within the Unit’s research areas. Projects must be submitted by February 8, 2020 for approval by the ILC Board (contact: )