INTER-/TRANSCULTURALITIES aims at studying literary constructions of OTHERNESS, departing from the concepts of DIALOGISM, TRANSCULTURALITY, BORDERCROSSING, CENTER AND MARGIN. The Otherness is a condition for the construction of identity, implying dislocation, inclusion and exclusion – and also memory and forgetfulness. Our concern will be to explore cultural imaginaries of a plural Europe through a dialogue between literary representations and other social and artistic discourses, using critical tools from different fields of Social Sciences and Humanities, taking into account different cultural perspectives and the points of view of literature and aesthetics, our intent being to help redefine cultural policies.

Considering that some of the processes causing a redefinition of cultural imaginaries are mechanisms of inter-and transcultural hybridization, as well as new ways of thinking and means of artistic and literary expression, the group also intends to explore concepts such as PERIPHERY, BORDER and INCLUSION.

Thus, the group works on displacement and migration of peoples and, therefore, with human lives, seeing literature as a means to question contemporary societies. Different themes and fields will be addressed, such as: migrations and exile studies; postcolonial studies; travel studies; translation studies; theatre and theatricalities; crime literature.


  • to study translation dynamics and related mediation acts, as well as the critical function of literary, philosophical and cultural texts carrying alternative visions of Europe in a globalized world;
  • to offer concrete proposals for planning culturally inclusive societies by way of drawing cultural policies, together with other academic and teaching institutions and cultural agents, such as universities, schools, city halls, museums;
  • to highlight the construction of spatial identities, through literary and artistic modalities of social phenomena, like travel, migrations and exile, that structures Europe nowadays;
  • to broaden the scope of the databases Ulyssei@s, Europe Facing Europe, and Passagen.

Research questions

  • How does literature build and/or reflect critical thoughts and discourses about Europe and about the global multilingual and multicultural world?
  • How does literature (and other arts) contribute to preserve the European cultural heritage (myths, ideas, utopias) and to renew its imaginary, as a way of resisting uniformity, and articulating the local and the global?
  • What is the role of spatiality, seen both as geographical and specially socially, in the construction of identity, individually and collectively in an open Europe and in a global world? What is the importance of bordercrossing, being in transit, and insertion? What is the role of memory dealing with these areas?
  • How do/did authors (and readers) cartograph their world in fictional worlds, transforming space in heterotopic or dystopic possible worlds, setting a dialogue between reality, fiction, and, on the reader side, text and reality?

Scientific coordination: Fátima Outeirinho


Ana Paula Coutinho (Univ. Porto)
Ana Margarida Fonseca (IPG)
Gonçalo Vilas-Boas (Univ. Porto)
Jorge Costa Lopes (Univ. Porto / Apigraf)
José Domingues de Almeida (Univ. Porto)
José Eduardo Reis (UTAD)
Lígia Bernardino (Univ. Porto)
Maria Antónia Gaspar Teixeira (Univ. Porto)
Maria de Fátima Outeirinho (Univ. Porto) (coordenação)
Maria de Lurdes Neves Godinho (IPL)
Maria de Lurdes Sampaio (Univ. Porto)
Maria Dulce Pinto Soares (Univ. Porto)
Maria Isabel Pires de Lima (Univ. Porto)
Maria José Carneiro Dias (Univ. Porto / ESPF)
Maria Luísa Malato (Univ. Porto)
Maria Teresa Marins de Oliveira (Univ. Porto)


Abdelilah Suisse (Univ. Porto)
Ana Isabel Moniz (Univ. Madeira)
Ana Isabel Marques (IPL)
Bruno Cabral (Univ. Porto)
Fernando Clara (Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
Fernando Batista (E.Secundária)
João Rodrigues (IPB)
Jorge Bastos da Silva (Univ. Porto)
Márcia Schwertner (Univ. Porto)
Maria Isabel Carvalho (Univ. Porto)
Mário Matos (Univ. Minho)
Sandra Marques (ISAG)
Sofia de Melo Araújo (Univ. Porto / ESE-IPP)

Leonor Simas Almeida (Univ. Brown – Providence)
Patrícia Ferreira (Univ. Brown – Providence)

Andreia Silva-Mallet (Univ, Jean Monnet – Saint-Étienne)
Karina Marques ( Poitiers)

Helder Mendes Baião (Univ. Berne)


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