Joana Matos Frias wins Grande Prémio de Ensaio Eduardo Prado Coelho from APE


The researcher of the Institute for Comparative Literature, Joana Matos Frias, won the Eduardo Prado Coelho Essay Grand Prize, with the book “O Murmúrio das Imagens”, announced by the Portuguese Writers Association (APE).

The jury, composed by professors and essayists Cândido Oliveira Martins, Isabel Cristina Rodrigues and José Carlos Seabra Pereira, highlights “the solidity and clarity of the theoretical foundation on such a complex subject”, which is the multisecular relationship between image and poetry.

“O Murmúrio das Imagens”, published in March, in two volumes, by the publisher Afrontamento, is part of the Studies of Comparative Literature collection. The works constitute a “study that aims to present a thoughtful theoretical reconstruction of this complex link between Poetry and Image, with the historical tensions and the typological contradictions that such relationship has always raised: it is thus an approach in which the elementary domains necessarily intersect of Rhetoric, Poetics and Aesthetics, with a view to a transdisciplinary reflection that does not excuse even a certain indisciplinarity “.

O Grande Prémio de Ensaio Eduardo Prado Coelho, instituído pela APE, destina-se a galardoar, anualmente, uma obra de ensaio literário, escrita em português por um autor português, publicada em livro, em primeira edição.

The Eduardo Prado Coelho Essay Grand Prize, instituted by APE, is intended to award, annually, a literary essay, written in Portuguese by a Portuguese author, published in a book, in its first edition.