Journey: Em Torno de Viagens e outras Deslocações 


Throughout its 20-year history and among several other lines of research, the Institute for Comparative Literature has been developing research around travel literature, a fertile field for thinking relational dynamics. It is in this context that the exhibition and scientific journey Em Torno de Viagens e outras Deslocações has arisen, with the presence of Almeida Faria and Eduardo Salavisa.

Almeida Faria is a Portuguese writer, winner of the SPE Revelation Prize, Aquilino Ribeiro Prize, D. Dinis Prize, APE Original Fiction Prize, among others. In his book “O murmúrio do mundo” he portrays his trip to India.

Eduardo Salavisa was born in Lisbon, where he lives and works. He is interested in drawing in notebooks made both on the road and in everyday life. He likes long trips, without a marked itinerary, preferably in the South and drawing obsessively.