Our new website


Welcome to our new website.

Since its inception as a R&D Unit that the presence of ILC on the digital platforms has been anchored on a website originally created in 1999. In spite of some updates, its structure has remained practically the same due to the creation throughout the following years of a series of other websites specifically dedicated to some research projects (such as Literary Utopias and Utopian Thinking in 2002 and New Portuguese Letters 40 Years Later in 2010). The recent definition of our strategic research project (2015-2020) forced us to create a new website able to take advantage of the full potential offered by a new digital media landscape in refining our ability to disseminate the individual and collective research work of our members.

Major challenges await us. This is not a mere aesthetic change, but a structural one that aims to put ILC at the forefront of the Digital Humanities research field. Feel free to navigate and to explore our new social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) and important research resources (such as the digital encyclopaedia Ulyssei@s and the international research network LyraCompoetics).

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