Session 02 with Christodoulos Makris


In line with the work that the Institute for Comparative Literature has done in recent years on the topic, this semester we will be launching a series of online conversations entitled “Poets talk politics,” in which experts in contemporary poetry (from the ILC and other universities) will talk to a poet about the ways in which her/his work dialogues with the contemporary ideological milieu, negotiates the relationship between aesthetics and citizenship, and uses literary methods to produce political thought.

In the second episode, João Paulo Guimarães will meet with Elina Siltanen (U of Turku, Finland), Malgorzata Myk (U of Lodz, Poland), and Lígia Bernardino (ILC) to talk with Christodoulos Makris.

Christodoulos Makris is a poet from Cyprus who has been living in Dublin since 2001. The Irish Times describes him as “a pioneer of Irish poetry and poetry publishing in Ireland.” He is poetry editor of the experimental magazine gorse and coordinator of the performance series Phonica. He has published the books Spitting out the Mother Tongue (2011), The Architecture of Chance (2015), and this is no longer entertainment (2019).

In the second session of our series, Makris will read some poems from his latest book and talk to us about the political implications of social media, from which much of the material that the author appropriates and recontextualizes in his work comes. We will discuss, among other things, how these platforms condition our attention, the way we think, and the way ideas and opinions are disseminated.