Session 01 with Marie Buck


In line with the work that the Institute for Comparative Literature has done in recent years on the topic, this semester we will be launching a series of online conversations entitled “Poets talk politics,” in which experts in contemporary poetry (from the ILC and other universities) will talk to a poet about the ways in which her/his work dialogues with the contemporary ideological milieu, negotiates the relationship between aesthetics and citizenship, and uses literary methods to produce political thought.

In the first episode, João Paulo Guimarães will meet with Elina Siltanen (U of Turku, Finland), Malgorzata Myk (U of Lodz, Poland), and Isabel Carvalho (ILC) to talk with Marie Buck about her most recent book, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES (Roof Books, 2020). The book explores, comically, bizarrely, and with uncomfortable intimacy, how the supposedly serious world of politics intersects with the duller plane of pop songs, casual sex, and on-demand television. What is the relationship between love, socialism, and the end of the world, Buck seems to ask. And will the revolution be broadcast via Netflix?

The broadcast will be via ILC’s Facebook channel on April 1 at 7 pm and access is free.

Poets Talks Politics - Sessão 01