Session 03 with Eugenio Tisselli


The next episode of the Poets Talk Politics series will focus on the environment. The guest poet, Eugenio Tisselli, is Mexican and currently lives in Mexico City. He will present us The Gate, a video game essay on the Anthropocene and the notions of coexistence and spectrality, which the author has taken respectively from the work of Donna Haraway and Timothy Morton, important theorists in environmental studies. We will talk about eco-poetry, electronic/interactive literature, and, above all, the role that the humanities can play in problematizing traditional ideas of “nature” and the role of human beings in the environment created by savage capitalism of the post-industrial era.

This session will also feature Katharina Kalinowski (Univ. Cologne), a specialist in eco-poetry and ecocriticism, Ana Marques (Univ. Coimbra), and Bruno Ministro (ILC), specialists in digital and conceptual literature.

In line with the work that the Institute for Comparative Literature has done in recent years on the topic, the series of online conversations entitled “Poets talk politics,” in which experts in contemporary poetry (from the ILC and other universities) will talk to a poet about the ways in which her/his work dialogues with the contemporary ideological milieu, negotiates the relationship between aesthetics and citizenship, and uses literary methods to produce political thought.

The broadcast will be via ILC’s Facebook channel and access is free.