Session 04 with Paulo de Medeiros


In the fourth session of the cycle “PLAN D: what to do after the PhD?”, we will change perspective. This time, we will be talking to someone who can tell us about the other side: the side of those who evaluate proposals of essays or books for publication, of applications for grants and/or projects.

Dedicated to the topic “Should I publish, where and how?”, this session will have as guest Paulo de Medeiros, Professor of Comparative Literature at Warwick University, UK. With extensive experience as an evaluator and consultant in national and international funding programs, Paulo de Medeiros also runs a collection at Peter Lang publishing house, besides being an award-winning author, having received the PEN-Essay Prize in 2015. Above all, this is an excellent opportunity to ask for advice.

With him, we will talk about the old maxim “publish or perish” and about practical issues, such as what constitutes a good essay, what constitutes a good book project, where we can publish (essays, theses, etc.), how to approach specialty magazines and publishers, among other issues related to our topics.

Orgs. João Paulo Guimarães and Marinela Freitas

The broadcast will be through ILC’s Facebook page and access is free.

More information: Cycle of conversations Plan D

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