SKHEMA Magazine


SKHEMA is a magazine that embraces essays and creations with an interartistic approach. Submissions are accepted in a wide variety of formats: textual, visual, audio, film, plastic, photographic, performative, digital, among others. SKHEMA intends to explore and problematize concepts inherent to intermediality and artistic experimentation.

One of the purposes of this project is to stimulate and encourage the communication between several groups: academic researchers, artists, enthusiasts, creatives, spectators, writers, readers.

Therefore, the magazine is composed of three main sections: one dedicated to essays, another to creations and a third one to dialogues and interviews.

SKHEMA seeks as much as possible to articulate theoretical and artistic works carried out in Portugal and internationally.

This project was created by Elisabete Marques, Inês Cardoso, Sofia Mota Freitas and Vítor Ferreira.

SKHEMA – Interarts Magazine issue #1 is already online.

The first issue includes works from Alexandre Esgaio, Amadeu Liberto Fraga, Ana Carvalho, Antía Monteagudo Alonso, Barbara Stronger, Bruno Ministro, Catarina Coelho, Catarina Domingues, Fernando Aguiar, Inês Cardoso, Joana Góis, João Diogo Zagalo, Nuno Leão, Pedro Eiras, Ricardo Marques, Vasco Vasconcelos e Virgínia Mota.