Reissue of the magazine “Persona” with presentation in Porto


02 de Março, 17h
Palacete dos Viscondes de Balsemão

Interview with Prof. Dr. Caio Gagliardi | Video


Prof. Dr. Caio Gagliardi
University of São Paulo

Interview with Dr.ª Clara Riso | Video


Dr.ª Clara Riso
Casa Fernando Pessoa

Interview with Ana Deus & Luca Argel | Video


Ana Deus & Luca Argel
Songs with Pessoa

Interview with Prof. Dr. António M. Feijó | Video


Prof. Dr. António M. Feijó
University of Lisbon

Interview with Prof.ª Dr.ª Rosa Maria Martelo


Prof.ª Dr.ª Rosa Maria Martelo
University of Porto

Interview with Prof. Dr. Manuel Portela | Video


Prof. Dr. Manuel Portela
University of Coimbra

Interview with Prof. Dr. Fernando Cabral Martins | Video

Poster Fernando Cabral Martins Eng

Prof. Dr. Fernando Cabral Martins
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Teaser: “Pessoa Studies Conference”


Teaser: “Meeting of Fernando Pessoa Scholars”

Event Schedule: “Pessoa Studies Conference”


On the 22nd and the 23rd of February 2018, at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Porto, we will embark on a journey through the work of Fernando Pessoa, the famous 20th century Portuguese writer. Some… Read More