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Submissions until March 28, 2020

Activities Organised by the ILC in 2019


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Scientific Journey “Ler António Franco Alexandre”


23 SET
Sala de Reuniões – FLUP

Joana Matos Frias wins Grande Prémio de Ensaio Eduardo Prado Coelho from APE


With the work “O Murmúrio das Imagens”

International Conference: Metalepsis and Transmedialiality


April, 4 and 5

Exhibition 20 years of ICL | Integrated Researchers


20 years. Institute for Comparative Literature Margarida Losa.

New titles from the Comparative Literature Studies collection


Books by Joana Matos Frias, Teresa Martins de Oliveira e Maria Antónia Gaspar Teixeira

Internacional Colloquium: The language in the middle of the path | AfterMovie


Abel Barros Baptista from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Joana Matos Frias from the University of Porto speak about the creation of this Network and its importance in the organization of this type of event for the discussion of Brazilian Literature.

Activities Organised by the ILC in 2018


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Knowing of Me Knowing of Things


Tribute to the 80 years of Maria Velho da Costa
November, 12 & 13 2018