eLyra number 10: Poetry and Performance

cover_ eLyra#10

You can find the 10th issue of eLyra, under “Poetry and Performance”. This issue was organized by Leonardo Gandolfi and Luciana di Leone.

Open Seminar “Carlos de Oliveira e a Janela Acesa”

destaque_ Leonardo Gandolfi

Prof. Dr. Leonardo Gandolfi (UFSP)

2nd november 2017
1h30 p.m.

Call for papers: eLyra #10


Topic: Poetry and Performance
Org. Leonardo Gandolfi e Luciana di Leone
Article Proposals Accepted until August 4th 2017



The new issue of ESC:ALA is online.

ESC:ALA os the electronic journal of interartistic studies and works, edited by João Pedro da Costa, Mathilde Ferreira Neves and Rita Novas Miranda, collaborators of the IntermedialiTIES research group of ILC.

Pre-release: On Poetry: Other Voices


Book launch: a collective effort by young Brazilian writers that write poetry and essays about poetry.