eLyra #8: Ekphrasis in Modern and Contemporary Poetry


The eighth issue of eLyra, Ekphrasis in Modern and Contemporary Poetry is now available online. Edited by João Pedro da Costa, Rita Novas Miranda and Rosa Maria Martelo.

Survey: Poetry and Resistance (Portugal)


Is poetry a form of resistance? Always, by definition? Or only in certain social, political or cultural contexts? What does poetry resist and how?

The poets from Portugal answer.

eLyra n.º 5: Poetry and the End Of The World


The latest issue of the eLyra journal is already on-line. Includes essays, poems and photographs.

Edited by Pedro Eiras and Paulo de Medeiros.

Manuel Gusmão interviewed by Rosa Maria Mesquita


This previously unpublished interview was conducted on June, 14th 2007.