eLyra #14


Adília Lopes: the visible and the invisible

Launch of the e-Lyra magazine


e-Lyra Magazine nº 12

Call for papers: eLyra #12

Submissions are due by September 30th, 2018.

E-Lyra Call for Papers: “Poetry’s Relation to Today’s Regimes and Norms”

15 April 2018

eLyra number 10: Poetry and Performance

You can find the 10th issue of eLyra, under “Poetry and Performance”. This issue was organized by Leonardo Gandolfi and Luciana di Leone.

eLyra number 9: Poetry and Translation

eLyra number 9 is now available. It was organized by Joana Matos Frias, Pablo Simpson and Sofia de Sousa Silva. Title: Poetry and Translation

Call for papers: eLyra #10

Topic: Poetry and Performance
Org. Leonardo Gandolfi e Luciana di Leone
Article Proposals Accepted until August 4th 2017

eLyra #8: Ekphrasis in Modern and Contemporary Poetry

The eighth issue of eLyra, Ekphrasis in Modern and Contemporary Poetry is now available online. Edited by João Pedro da Costa, Rita Novas Miranda and Rosa Maria Martelo.

Call for papers: eLyra #9

Tema: Poesia e Tradução

Propostas de artigos até 30 de março de 2017

eLyra n.º 8: L’ekphrasis dans la poésie moderne et contemporaine

Les articles seront reçus Jusqu’au 31 octobre 2016. Édition de João Pedro da Costa, Rita Novas Miranda et Rosa Maria Martelo.