“Literature and Journalism: Colonialism and Indianism in the ‘O Guarani’ Feuilleton, by José de Alencar”


Prof. Dr. Rosana Kamita

October 11th
4:30 pm

“Literature and Feminism: Clarice Lispector” by Rosana Cássia Kamita

cartaz Rosana _ Livraria de Mulheres


Rosana Cássia Kamita (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – Brasil)

Activities Organised by the ILC in 2015


This entry congregates all the info related to the National and International Conferences and Open Seminars organised or co-organised by ILC in 2015.

A Literatura sob a Perspectiva do Sublime Feminista + Os Retornos e a Memória Colonial: um assunto (afinal) de Mulheres


The conferences by Rosana Cássia Kamita and Simone Pereira Schmidt (USFC/CNPq) will be held on December, 15th, 5:30pm, room G207 of the Faculty of Letters of Porto.