O prazer de (com)parar #3


“Once there was a lake. Above the blue lake and into the
blue sky towered spring tree, green and yellow. Beyond it
the sky rested quietly on the arched mountain.

A wanderer sat at the foot of the tree. Yellow
petals drifted down to his shoulders. He was tired and had
closed his eyes. A dream drifted down to him from the
yellow tree.

The wanderer was small, he was a boy, he
heard his mother singing in the garden behind the house.
He saw a butterfly fluttering, yellow and fresh, a joyous
yellow in the blue sky. He ran after the butterfly. He ran
across the meadow, he ran across the brook, he ran to the
lake. There the butterfly flew away over the bright water,
and the boy flew after it, hovered brightly and easily,
flew happily through the blue space.”

Herman Hesse, “Lake, Tree, Mountain”, in Wandering (Wanderung: Aufzeichnungen, 1920), London, Picador, 1977, p. 73.