This section brings together the set of Databases developed by ILC researchers in recent years. Drawing upon the potential of the Digital Humanities, these ongoing resources are the result of the collaboration between different generations of researchers, national and foreign, specialists in the various topics in question.


Displaced Writers and Other Creators

Ulyssei@s is a digital encyclopedia of writers and other artistic creators of the 20th and 21st century, whose works are connected to their actual experiences of displacement, privileging those with Portugal as a point of crossing, departure, and/or arrival.

She Thought It

Crossing Bodies in Sciences and Arts

She Thought It has two main purposes: to cover, recover and discover women and their contributions in both sciences and arts; and to address questions on gender and power distribution while providing a public database with names of women whose steps have significantly marked history in fields such as sciences, arts, music and literature.

Europe Facing Europe

Europe Facing Europe selects and systematises various contemporary creators’ views on Europe, analysing how different works specifically deal with the continent, thus allowing for a global and comparative reading of the representations of a common History.


German-language artists and intellectuals in Portuguese exile

PASSAGEN aims to compile information about Portuguese exile from as many German-speaking intellectuals, writers and other artists as possible who passed through our country or remained here in their flight from Nazism.


Diásporas em Português

Escritores e outros criadores artísticos dos séculos XX-XXI

Diásporas em Português, uma ramificação da enciclopédia digital Ulyssei@s, apresenta-se como espaço de divulgação de escritores e outros criadores artísticos dos séculos XX-XXI, neste caso, e especificamente, de autores de língua portuguesa cujas obras revelam percursos e questões diaspóricas.

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