Call for Applications_PhD Research Grants

August 31, 2022


Applications until September 16, 2022

Margarida Losa Comparative Literature Institute (ILCML-FLUP) hereby opens this Call for Applications for 2 (two) research grants (national or blended scholarships), hereinafter called PhD Research Grants, in the field of Literary Studies (Scholarship 1); and in the field of Literary Studies, specifically in the research areas of the strand Inter/Transculturalities(Scholarship 2), in compliance with the provisions of the FCT Regulationsfor Research Grants and Fellowships (RBI) and the Research Fellowship Holder Statute (EBI). The scholarships will be financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia) (FCT) under the Collaboration Agreement of the Multiannual Financing Plan for Doctoral Research Grants, signed between FCT and the R&D Research UnitInstitute for Comparative Literatures, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (R&D Unit No. 500).


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