eLyra #19 — online

July 29, 2022

The 19th issue of the eLyra magazine, entitled Vozes do Poema em Prosa and organized by Rita Novas Miranda and Amândio Reis, is now online.

This issue of eLyra seeks to interrogate and re-perspective the poem in prose and the margins between prose and poetry, without predetermined limits in terms of periods, languages, ​​or literary traditions. The focus of critical views on points of confluence and crossing points intends to give space to studies that reconsider the commonplace of the formal shock produced by the poem in prose in the light of new understandings. Associated with both the narrator and the lyrical subject, or dissociated from both, the prose poem and the poetic prose allow specific interrogations, through the bias of their narrative structure or lyrical dimension, in relation to who or what they speak (Kjerkegaard 2014: 188). It is for this reason that by also exploring the “elastic moment” that configures the temporality of the prose poem (Munden 2017), that is, its inscription of stories and its inscription in History, this genre has been a privileged place in the manifestation of alternative and peripheral subjectivities (feminist, queer, post-colonial, among others), and also non-human subjectivities (the object, the thing, the animal).

The publication can be read here.

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