Ana Paula Coutinho

Ana Paula Coutinho is Associate Professor with tenure in the Portuguese and Romance Studies Department at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, where she has been teaching in the fields of Comparative Literature and French Studies. She has a PhD in Comparative Literature (1998) with tenure in Romance Literatures and Cultures (2010), she has always focused on contemporary literature from a comparative perspective, having in the past few years developed research in the areas of interculturality and artistic and literary representations of migration and exile. She was often part of the board of the Comparative Literature Institute – Margarida Losa (2001-2003; 2012-2015; 2015-2021) and she was its scientific coordinator between 2015 and 2021. She coordinates Ulyssei@s, a digital database. Ana Paula is also a collaborator at CRIMIC (Université Paris IV) and the Programme Non-Lieux de l’Exil (Collège d’Études Mondiales – FMSH). She is the vice-president at the Alliance Française in Porto. She has published in national and international journals and other collective publications (Colóquio/LetrasCadernos de Literatura ComparadaRevue de Littérature ComparéeDiogèneGávea-BrownCarnetsLatitudes: Cahiers LusophonesIntercâmbio…). Of edited or published books, we highlight António Ramos Rosa. Mediação Crítica e Criação Poética (Quasi Edições, 2003. Prémio Ensaio Pen-Club Essay Award); Lentes Bifocais – Representações literárias da Diáspora Portuguesa (Afrontamento, 2009), Passages et Naufrages migrants. Les fictions du détroit (com Maria de Fátima Outeirinho e José Domingues de Almeida), Paris, Harmattan, 2012; Nos & leurs Afriques. Images identitaires et regards croisés Constructions littéraires fictionnelles des identités africaines cinquante ans après les décolonisations (with Maria de Fátima Outeirinho and José Domingues de Almeida) Frankfurt, Berlin, Peter Lang, 2013; Marguerite Duras. Palavras e Imagens da Insistência, ILCML, Colecção Libretos, 2015.

Research Areas

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