Ângela Sarmento-D.

Ângela Sarmento-D. has a degree in Portuguese and English studies from the Faculty of Letters, University of Porto (FLUP). At the same Faculty, she did her Masters in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies with a dissertation on Carlos Pena Filho. During the curricular stage of her PhD, she attended seminars at FLUP and at Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3), where she developed work in the field of Comparative Literature and Interartistic Studies. She is currently teaching Portuguese Language and Culture at the University of Oxford. She collaborated in directing and/or acting in short films, and did translations for subtitles, namely for the film Pina Bausch: Lissabon Wuppertal Lisboa (2010, Midas Filmes) by Fernando Lopes and recently for Channel 4. She is a collaborator of ILC-ML (Margarida Losa’s Institute for Comparative Literature) and of TROPO-UK.

Research Areas

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