Annita Costa Malufe

Annita Costa Malufe is Professor at the PUC-SP [Catholic University of São Paulo], Brazil, in the Department of Literature and Literary Criticism and researcher at the National Research Center of Brazil (CNPQ). She is a doctor in literary theory by the University of Campinas, Brazil. She has done two postdoctoral researches: at PUC-SP, with Peter Pál Pelbart, on poetry and writing by Gilles Deleuze, and at the USP [University of São Paulo], with Fabio de Souza Andrade, on the relationship between the styles of Deleuze and Samuel Beckett. She is the author of several articles, all relating to contemporary poetry and the relationship between French philosophy, poetics and performance, and two essay books: Territórios dispersos: a poética de Ana Cristina Cesar (2006) and Poéticas da imanência: Ana Cristina and Marcos Siscar (2011), both of them sponsored by FAPESP. She has published seven books of poems, among them Quando não estou por perto (7Letras e Petrobras, 2012) e Alguém que dorme na plateia vazia (7letras, 2021). Currently, her project is focused on poetic thoughts on the interfaces between writing and performance, in authors such as Samuel Beckett, Christophe Tarkos, Valère Novarina and Georges Aperghis.

Research Areas

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