Diogo Martins


Diogo Martins was born in 1986 and is from Nine, Vila Nova de Famalicão. With a PhD in Theory of Literature from the University of Minho, he started in 2017 a post-doctoral project entitled Ousar corromper: (o)caso retratístico em Rui Nunes, funded by FCT. Since 2018, he has written about literature, poetry and cinema for Vila Nova magazine and collaborates with Terceira Pessoa, a performing arts association, in Castelo Branco, with which he has published two books on photography: Inside/Outside (2015) and Dizer Adeus Às Coisas, seguido de Uma Teoria da Imagem (ou A Performance do Mundo), with photography by Nuno Leão (2018). In 2020, he joined the collective Rastro, Margem, Clarão, a transdisciplinary project organized by Terceira Pessoa, about Rui Nunes’ writing. Within the scope of this project, Diogo Martins published Na Imprecisa Visão do Vento (2020), with an essay of his own and photography by Susana Paiva. He organized the poetry anthology Lâmpadas Acesas Para Aumentar O Dia (Língua Morta, 2020) about Raul de Carvalho.

Research Areas

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